Saturday, April 13, 2019

CRC Smallbore 4-14-19 Cancelled

I’m canceling tomorrow’s (4-14-19) Smallbore match at CRC. At 1:30 pm today there was still water standing on top of the mud in the parking lot. Many of the county and range roads are pretty muddy as well. Hopefully we can shoot next week at Greenmill.   John

Friday, April 12, 2019

4-14-19 CRC Smallbore Match -??

The CRC parking lot is pretty muddy now.   We are supposed to get more rain / snow on Saturday. I will post later tomorrow about Sunday’s Smallbore match.   John

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Greenmill match scheduled for March 17 is on

Greenmill match scheduled for March 17 is on.  I spoke to Joe Swain he the range is clear and will most likely be muddy.


Thursday, March 7, 2019


All, due to bad conditions at CRC, the 3-10-19 Smallbore Match is being moved to Aurora Gun Club.

March 9th LA at CRC Cancelled


due to bad range conditions and very high winds in the forecast for Saturday, I have decided to cancel this months match.

Hopefully some of you will attend my 1st 22 BPCR only match later the month on March 30 at CRC.

Wayne Clip will be running the April Lever Action match.

Good luck all.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

CRC Highpower scheduled for February 3rd - Canceled

The 7mm / 260 Guru has spoken: His e-mail to me.

"I made the mistake of going out there for some practice and checking out the range conditions. County roads are in good dry shape. VERY muddy around the gate area. Main road is muddy in spots. Silhouette parking lot is a disaster of mud as is the road to the targets/berms. All berms are muddy at the rails, still much snow around them. Definitely a slipping situation. The area got that same 6-7 inches of snow last Friday, too.  The firing line is icy in spots. SB side firing line is all iced over. The snow melt there has been slow this week with continued cold weather resulting in plenty of mud.

Got in two hours of shooting before all hell broke loose with that predicted SE wind cold front at noon. Went from 4-6 mph and 45F to 35 mph and 37F in a few minutes. Major assault by the tumbleweeds on the firing line.  Had to hit the car wash on the way home. We would have to be crazy to shoot this weekend.

Based on the solid poor weather forecast for the weekend, I am CANCELING our match as of right now. I already got it on the CRC website as canceled. I will update the silhouette blog sometime today to show canceled. Sorry guys. Pass the word around to the HP shooters." 


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Aurora Gun Club Match scheduled for Feb.24th, 2019 is on

Hi All, We will be shooting at Aurora Gun Club tomorrow February 24th  2019.  We will need to remove the snow from all the berms.  I would appreciate shooters showing up a little early to help with the snow removal. I am providing special cookies that may or may not help you shoot better.  Sunday looks to be a nice day to shoot with forecast high of 43 and light winds.